Linda had an understanding and an ability to connect with me 100%.  She spent time to get to know me and went above and beyond to get invested in my healing and my journey. Working with Linda completely transformed my relationship with my body and my relationship with food. She took me back to the beginning of my eating and got me in touch with my natural needs. What I had been doing was not working for me and Linda helped me transform my relationship with myself and my body.
I am finally free from the prison I’ve subjected myself to over the last 30 years and for the first time I feel beautiful and ALIVE and above all else I have FREEDOM and happiness. I have started to truly live my life focusing on how I want to feel.
I’m more confident, kinder to myself and happier than I’ve been in so long (if not ever). 
Growth is uncomfortable and to be honest at the start I couldn’t have even imagined being where I am today as at all seemed just impossible to me!
Seeing Linda once a week for 12 weeks and then a further 3 sessions over 2 months was CRUCIAL for me and it opened my eyes to how much of a chronic dieter I’d become and how low my self-image and confidence was!
I really wish I had bigger words than THANKYOU to say to Linda I honestly do.

— Kylie, 46 

I took me a very long to accept I had an eating disorder and take the plunge to start having sessions with a therapist. I chose Linda due to her experience and qualifications on paper. It is fair to say I had no regrets. After the first session I felt instantly at ease and it has been the best decision I have ever made. Working with Linda has changed my life. Something that I never thought possible has been made possible due to the support and work Linda has done with me over the last 10 months. The way she structured the sessions have been brilliant. I always leave feeling good but also find myself reflecting on the session content for the rest of the week leading into the next session. I wanted to take control of my life and be more present with my wife and two young daughters and again, that is now happening. I owe an enormous amount to Linda and urge anyone that is debating whether to seek support to look no further than Linda.

— Dan 

I came to counselling because I was extremely sad and miserable, I was morbidly obese, my weight consumed every thought I had from waking to sleeping. I needed help. I needed to find a way to live. I had tried and failed at every attempt to lose weight, this in my eyes branded me a loser with no will power or discipline. I was shutting down and shutting off to the world. I lived with constant negative thoughts about myself.
The positive changes to my well-being are phenomenal. I know longer am consumed with the shape and look of my body. I would say that 90% of the time I no longer am consumed by  “diets, what I can and can’t eat”. When I wake in the morning my first thought is not about food, it’s about my day. When I have negative thoughts, I can use the Tools that I have experienced through the counselling sessions to work through them.
Linda took time to know me as me, not as a number or person to fix. She nudged me in the right way: to enable me to reflect on a lifetime of negative thought processes and to live my life in a positive way. Linda enabled me to come to terms with some confronting issues and work through them. I think that the biggest gift that Linda has given me is that I no longer dread life, I can enjoy food, I no longer live in a state of deprivation or negativity.

— Carol, 58 

I reached out to Linda because I was struggling with emotional and binge eating. I had a lot of big life changes, such as moving out of home, moving to a new city, and starting a new job. Struggles I had with my eating for a long time became very prevalent among all these big life changes, and I no longer could deal with them myself; I needed support.
The main positive change after working with Linda I have noticed is in my mental health and attitudes towards my body. Being stripped back to the basics to learn healthy and sustainable habits and allowing myself freedom from food rules has been the largest positive change. Learning to love myself and my body, and realising that my self-worth isn’t determined by how healthy I eat or how much exercise I do, has been the most wonderful gift I could have given myself for my mental health.
I loved the strategies Linda and I worked together to create. As someone who had done quite a lot of research into binge and emotional eating and had tried strategies at home already, I found working with Linda far more successful. Linda was open to the strategies I had tried and was able to rework them in a way that had a more positive effect.
I feel like we unpacked areas of myself and influences I had that I wasn’t aware of. For example, Linda helped me realise that I don’t process my emotions, and that, to me, was a huge eye-opener in how I tick. That realisation has helped me move forward massively.
I won’t forget any of Linda’s vital lessons and recommendations – I will continue to practice and keep them as a part of my life.
It is hard to put into words the feeling that comes from opening up about what I was going through for a long time and never talking about it. With Linda’s service, talking to someone who had experienced the same things firsthand was hugely beneficial. Feeling understood and empathised with was massive for me. As I said above, I tried to help myself a lot with many strategies and intuitive eating practice before working with Linda. And although we worked on strategies within the sessions, at the end of the day, having someone tell me that when I have a bad day, it’s actually okay, and that I am allowed to forgive myself, was so important for me.

— K, 24

I initially went to coaching/therapy with Linda as I was feeling constantly at war with my body and struggled hugely with body confidence. I had a lot of guilt around my eating and exercising habits and really wanted to find freedom from this. Linda was/is a fantastic coach as she has been through some similar experiences and really understood where I was coming from and how I felt. Linda has a great sense of humour and is able to create a very safe environment to share. She is excellent at helping give another perspective and at showing the difference between what you may perceive to be true versus what is actually real. She provides consistent, calm and straight forward advice with no judgement and really believes in you. What I’ve gained from the sessions (apart from feeling like my whole life is different!): – A different perspective on what I eat and how I feel about it. I no longer feel shame or guilt towards food and eating (woohoo!!). It’s something that I genuinely didn’t think was possible to achieve before this and my whole attitude and approach to food is different now. I now want to nourish my body rather than judge or feel guilty for everything I am putting into it. – I don’t feel resentment towards my body like I did before. Linda’s sessions have helped me to come to more peace with how I look and feel in my body. I used to be hyper aware of how I felt in public situations and worried about everyone’s opinions but through working with Linda I have learnt tools to change my perspective in these situations. – I feel more confident in myself!! Prior to coaching I hadn’t worn shorts in public in about 4-5 years at least and now I am the proud owner of a new pair of shorts which have been worn in public on multiple occasions.

— Emma, 23 

I started my coaching journey with Linda because I wanted a more positive/neutral body image, and I needed some guidance on intuitive eating and finding movement I enjoyed.
Linda is really good at making you feel comfortable and safe to open up about anything and everything! A lot of the time it felt like I was having a zoom call with a close friend giving me advice. Linda has amazing empathy skills and also has an awesome sense of humour! Linda always knew the right questions to ask to make me look at my thought patterns with a different perspective, and that ultimately led me to having more balanced thought patterns in the long run.
Since working with Linda, I understand the root cause of my emotional eating. Instead of numbing my feelings with food, I now acknowledge them and work through them and honestly can’t remember the last time I ate until I was sick, which is a huge win for me. To put this into perspective, I’m currently going through an extremely challenging time with a ruptured Achilles as well as an endometriosis diagnosis with fertility struggles (in other words, this would have been prime emotional eating time for me in the past) and I haven’t once turned to emotional eating to regulate myself. I’ve found I’m processing my feelings quicker and am feeling more resilient because I’m actually acknowledging my feelings instead of numbing them with food.
I can have photos taken of me without freaking out or feeling like I need to edit or delete them! I love that I can look at photos as a whole instead of zooming into parts of myself.
I’ve let go of food labels and instead listen to what my body feels like – and know that my body has different needs every day and that’s okay! I’m embracing gentle nutrition and focusing on movement I enjoy.
I don’t get upset if clothing is too small for me anymore, and I don’t find clothes shopping as stressful as I used to. Clothes are meant to fit me, not the other way around!

I’m still working on this one but I’m feeling more comfortable with letting go of the perfectionism trap. I’ve learnt that perfectionism is just another way of restricting myself.
After this being my goal for so many years, I can finally say that I’m now focusing more on how I FEEL rather than how I look.

— Mik, 24 

Talking to Linda is like chatting to a friend and our conversations are relaxed and without judgement. Linda has helped me to understand why I sometimes turn to food for comfort and now that I have that awareness, I can make different choices.
The process has been really freeing for me. It is a great feeling to have no restrictions on the types of food I eat. I now eat delicious food at nearly every meal (but sometimes life gets in the way!).
I feel like I am getting mentally stronger around food and the way I see myself. My self-talk is much kinder than it used to be as I no longer berate myself for my food choices. I have also noticed that I have more energy all throughout the day and generally feel much happier. I have changed my reason for exercising too, it is now for the way it makes me feel instead of burning calories. I love it so much more!
This isn’t a quick fix. There is still work to be done to undo the 35 years of mental and physical damage that diet culture has instilled, but I know that I have great support in Linda. 

— Urmi, 49 

I came to coaching to improve my relationship with food and my body. I was super insecure and didn’t feel genuine joy in my life. The idea of having to eat constantly overwhelmed my mind and I was wanting to gain full food freedom and to be able to love myself. Since starting, there has been a huge shift in the way that I view myself and how I treat myself. I no longer feel the need to starve myself to make myself feel good or to think that I’ll look better. I have found too that the joy I was missing in my life has come back and I’m excited to go into each day. My mind isn’t filled with constant negative thoughts, and if one does pop into my head, I now have the tools to be able to deal with it.
Linda never made me feel ashamed of what I have been through and she always validated my feelings. Linda is understanding and compassionate. She is passionate about what she teaches and she shows that she truly cares. She is always an email away and tries to comfort others as much as she can. Once again, thanks so much!

– A, 19

Since the age of 13 I have been aware of my changing body, weight, size, and how it looks. Over 20 years I have spent thinking about food, counting calories being on various diets and trying to change the way my body looks. To no avail. I was never happy no matter how big or small I was. I was so sick of having my life literally revolve around food. Every thought was constantly consumed by food, how many calories I was eating and then subsequently burning through exercise, what I “should” be eating and avoiding (really, the list could go on forever). Linda helped me through a process of being so fearful of all foods to being able to genuinely enjoy everything. Linda helped me feel more comfortable with who I was. That I am not what I eat, that food isn’t just for nourishment, but also something you can use to connect with people et cetera. I had always thought that food had no real purpose. I also learnt that there are NO rules around food. I am now free with food with no judgement and total trust in my body. I now know that I am more than my weight. My body will go through changes, but the type of person I am will stay with me forever. This work I was doing for myself will help my children in the future. I can also teach them how to listen to their bodies and nourish them. Working with Linda was truly a life changer!

— Rachel, 34 

I came to see Linda about issues around body image that I could not get to the bottom of, despite having practiced Intuitive Eating and followed HAES for several years. I was unable to move on in my journey no matter how hard I tried to “accept” my body without dealing with the underlying issues.
Linda listened to me and picked up what things were stopping me from moving forward with healing my body image challenges.
I can now look at myself and not pick myself apart even in my underwear! The most difficult part was doing the mirror exercise and hearing what I said about myself out loud and not being able to imagine ever saying that to someone I love yet I can say it to myself.
I have learned to embrace my body as my vessel for life and know that it has only ever tried to protect me and now it’s my turn to protect it and look after it. This includes forgiving the things I heard and internalised as a child about my body.
I am now back walking in the morning, slowly building up my strength and knowing that it’s about feeling good with movement I enjoy and learning to listen to my body.

— Sharlane, 46

I reached out to Linda because I had a complex relationship with body image, food and exercise after years of competitive sport and studies. These concerns and thought patterns were taking up a lot of my time and energy and making me very unhappy. I was eager to address them for my own well-being. Linda formed a lovely rapport with me, is a great listener and is non-judgemental. I felt very comfortable sharing things with Linda that I had never voiced aloud previously. I now have awareness of restrictive food habits that I hadn’t given much thought to previously, I can now approach and undertake intuitive eating and have a different view of health as more than just body size, food intake and exercise. Thank you Linda for all your help and guidance over the past few months. It’s helped me more than I can say. I will use the skills you have helped me to develop for the rest of my life.

— I, 22 

I came to see Linda because I was struggling with my relationship around food and my body. I wanted to feel more comfortable with eating, achieve a regular healthy diet and learn to love my body the way it was. My emotions felt out of control and they were feeding into my unhealthy food habits, so I wanted to explore the cause of my emotional upset. 

After working with Linda, I have noticed that I have become more comfortable with making decisions that are good for myself rather than for the sake of pleasing other people. This has made me more confident about myself and better able to accept my body and imperfections. I have been kinder to myself through the practice of self-compassion. I also gained the ability to deal with difficult emotions in a healthy way rather than always turning to food. 

Linda was very compassionate and practical. She understood my relationship with food well and had good suggestions for how to accept it and better deal with my emotions which was feeding into it. She was very honest, I like that! 

— N, 28

My husband and I came to counselling because we wanted to understand more about choosing healthier options, recognise negative impact from society on our body image and to rewire our brain around better choices with kai. 

We loved that Linda allowed us to create our journey of what we needed to be supported with and we appreciated that she’s cultural sensitive!

Linda has helped us to think differently and enabled us to be more accepting of what we look like and how we view our relationship with food and our body. We now accept ourselves from the in and outside and realise that happiness is greater than anything! 

— Tania & Carlin 

I reached out to Linda because I wanted to improve my relationship with food to support my long term results post weight loss surgery. I found my sessions with Linda so valuable in supporting my journey. I love how my mindset has improved so much around food and body image. I feel much more in control of the decisions I make around food. The guilt has been removed around enjoying food with my family. I do not spend lots of time thinking about food and others have commented on how much happier and confident I seem. I no longer struggle with bingeing or sugar cravings! I love how I view everything as a lesson rather than the guilt and low mood I have experienced in the past. I felt comfortable talking to Linda in a judgement free space. 

— Charlotte, 36

I was struggling with an eating disorder when I found Linda. I was hoping Linda would help me on my journey to food freedom and she really did! Linda did not see me as a number which is the case at many places where you can find eating disorder support. She is kind, takes the time to really listen and found solutions that suit my situation. 

Linda is kind and makes sure you feel comfortable. She is honest and has excellent tips. I have gained insight into why I have struggled with food, I am more honest about my struggles and I have found more freedom around food! 

— Puck, 19 

I sought coaching because I have been struggling with my body image for over a decade and was unable to “resolve” the issue on my own. I was looking for tools to better be able to handle self-criticism, comparison to others as well as to myself in the past, and in general low and negative moments regarding my appearance and eating habits.
Linda has helped me address more than just the things I contacted her for and has helped me make some real tangible changes (I’m still going to the gym every week and while I have lost no weight at all, I’ve become way stronger – exactly what I wanted). Linda created a space that felt safe and judgement-free and in which I was able to admit things (out loud and therefore to myself, as well), which I would normally not dare to admit to others. You challenged me to redefine the things which I regarded as flaws and to describe the person I want to be in new words. Those were my favourite exercises. I’ve become kinder to myself, both regarding my “failures” (for example by not seeing them as such) and self-criticism. I am more accepting of the way I look now and I am better able to avoid comparing myself. Fun fact, the two things I wanted from my wedding dress were to hide my arms and my belly but I went for a form-fitted, sleeveless dress and really like the way I look in it! I feel like I can rely on things we discussed, it’s like having a safety net to fall back on. 

— Shirin, 28

I am feeling a million times better than I did before I started working with Linda! Starting from our discovery call, all the way through our sessions, you made me feel safe and heard. I have overcome the FEAR of weight gain and have achieved a life FREE of ‘dieting’. You’ve helped me see that there is so much more to me than just my body. I have improved my relationship with food and I have finally gained food freedom after a 4+ struggle with bulimia and binge eating (& I have been eating breakfast again after 1,5 years of Intermittent Fasting! Yay!). You have had a powerful, positive impact on my life and I’m so grateful for that! 

— Natalija, 25

The coaching sessions with Linda has honestly been transformative in my life. Linda has helped me accept how I am right now rather than feeling like I have to lose weight. I’m now able to go days without thinking negatively about my body, rather than thinking about it and feeling upset 24/7. I now feel freedom around food and exercise. I understand that I do not have to force myself to exercise which has brought back my motivation and my enjoyment. I now focus on exercise for how I feel, rather than trying to change how I look.

— Emily, 24 

Linda was great at making me feel comfortable to be completely honest/open with her. I struggled with this with the clinical psychologist I had previously worked with. Linda has helped me to form new habits with food and understand more about intuitive eating. Food is now NOT the first and the last thing on my mind! I feel more in touch with myself and have strategies to help me deal with my emotions. Linda also helped me to see that my worth is not in my appearance!!!

Georgia, 22 

Linda made me feel comfortable and safe right from our very first session. Linda made the sessions fun and lighthearted but also provided a space for me to be vulnerable and to feel the emotions I was feeling. Linda provided me with strategies that have already made such a positive difference in my life. I can now have snacks that I enjoy in the house without feeling as though they are ‘bad’. I eat them when I feel like it and enjoy them more because I no longer have the mindset that all ‘unhealthy’ snacks have to be eaten on my one ‘treat day’ a week. My mindset around exercise is a lot less fixed. I exercise when I feel like exercising and for an amount of time that I choose on the day. I can now recognise when I am thinking in a way that is negative or unhelpful and the majority of the time I am able to interrupt those thoughts and replace them with more helpful, positive ones. Linda has helped me massively and has provided me with strategies that I know I will be able to use for the rest of my life!

— Sophie, 27 

The sessions with Linda were so valuable! You asked the right questions that made me think about why I do what I do. I gained insight into my behaviour and I have been able to change my mindset and make better choices in my life! I have stopped dieting for good and I don’t struggle with emotional eating anymore! I have also not weighed myself on the scale in three months because my weight isn’t my main focus in my life. I’m very happy with the ‘transformed me’ and the choices I make now, including putting myself first, standing up for myself and setting more boundaries! I’m so glad I decided to work with you! I’m very grateful for your support!

— Loes, 42 

Linda has helped me see the beauty inside myself that I have been blinded to for most of my life!
I’ve learned a lot from our sessions however, the three that trump all is being kind to myself/ understanding how to do that; that food is something that does not need to be earned nor is my body an ornament and how to acknowledge the horrible things that had been said about me and move on from it.
I can feel the change from within myself, you have shown me how to love myself and treat myself with respect and that is something I didn’t think I could have experienced!

— Claire, 24 

I reached out to Linda because I wasn’t happy with my body and didn’t know what to do anymore but was over yo-yo dieting and getting nowhere! Linda introduced me to intuitive eating and gave me very helpful advice as I started the journey. I’m pleased to say that I no longer have any desire to diet, I can turn down food when I am not hungry and I can eat the foods I love without binging.

— Kim, 33 

I reached out to Linda because I wanted to get some control over my anxiety with vegetables, which was a lifelong problem. From the first message, you were not only encouraging, but you took my concerns seriously. Linda helped me overcome my anxieties and develop positive strategies for tricky situations. Linda didn’t tell me off for eating less nutritional foods but worked with me to try to discover the reasons for those choices. You also taught me to change the language around what I was eating instead of punishing myself for eating something less nutritious. I’ve also learned to give myself the space to step back and see things from a different perspective & give myself pats on the back for little achievements. I’ve been lucky to find Linda who I was comfortable with sharing certain personal things.

— Leanne, 50
Author of Living with Depression  

I came to coaching because I wanted help with intuitive eating and resolving body image and emotional eating issues. I wanted to work with Linda because of your specific skills in the areas I wanted to work on – a healthy relationship with food, body image, binging and emotional eating, and because I resonated with the testimonials so it seemed like Linda would be a good fit for me too. I really liked your balanced style of coaching, I felt like I was being supported and validated in the right moments and challenged in the right moments. The main benefit I gained from our sessions was in my ability to reframe thoughts I have with myself about food and body and challenge the thoughts that are negative or come from diet culture. Further benefits were practising patience with my own intuitive eating journey, slowing down, and focusing on the learning not just getting there, and also helping me unpack my thoughts around weight stigma.

— Sara, 29 

I came to see Linda because I wanted to process some of my fears around a new diagnosis while not resorting to diet-culture solutions. I also wanted to unpack why exercise was so difficult for me and find new ways of engaging with exercise that worked for me. 

Linda is empathic and understanding, with a strong body-positive focus. Linda is flexible, which meant that I felt able to talk about what I needed to. Linda helped me become aware of and work through my hang-ups around exercise. I now do yoga reasonable regularly and I am also still managing to eat with enjoyment (without bingeing), despite needing to replace a few things due to a medical diagnosis. 

— Hilary, 32 

I came to see Linda because my relationship with food and my self-esteem was pretty poor. It affected my daily life and I knew I needed help to improve it.

Linda is a very good listener. She never interrupted me, even when I felt like I was talking too much. I felt comfortable and not judged during our conversations which allowed me to be completely open to her.

Thanks to the support, I no longer think about food 24/7 and I feel more confident in my body and I accept myself as a person

I have received many insights and tools to learn to deal with the urges of my binge eating and now I can act in a healthy way and give myself what I really need!

Together with Linda I have achieved more than I expected at the start of the process and I am very grateful to Linda for that!

— Sam, 17